Not ready to completely cut ties with your  doula? Dreaming of an extra set of hands around the house? Need someone to debrief with after your birth? Unsure of resources available to your family in the community? I can help with all of those things, and many others. 

Postpartum support looks very different for each individual family. Accept as many, or as few hours as your family may need. Day or night.  

Some tasks include, meal prep, preparing small meals or snacks, holding babe while you take care of yourself, taking care of pets, watching older children allowing you to bond with your new babe, light household tasks, breastfeeding support, connection to community resources, anything that is dragging you down in your postpartum journey allowing you to rest with an eased mind. 

Nighttime duties are also available. Sleep knowing your child is safe. I come at night, allowing you to stay in your own bed at night. I will bring your child to you, in your bed,  at night if you need to breastfeed, or will bottle feed them. Allowing you to get as much sleep as possible. Awake in the morning, well rested, knowing your kitchen is tidied, maybe the laundry is folded, there is a healthy snack waiting for you and your baby is happy, healthy and safe. 

Talk to me today about creating a package of postpartum support that works for you and your family.