Courtney Jenkins

Courtney is a fully certified Professional Labour and Birth Doula with Doula Canada. With a passion to educate, inform and support growing families in Muskoka and surrounding areas.

Why Heart to Earth?

Heart to Earth was created with the goal of helping you to bring everything you wish for in your heart, to Earth .

Through the years, this definition has lead us to creating an ever growing list of services to assist growing families, in a busy world. Professional Labour and Birth Doula services to educate, ground, and inform pregnant families, throughout their pregnancies, labour, birth and immediate postpartum. Postpartum support for new families who reach out for support and helping hands around their home. As well as handmade, all natural, vegan family wellness products. Simular wellness products purchased in stores are usually full of unwanted chemicals and additives. Here at Heart to Earth,  we use raw materials we believe in, and hand make each product with love and can ensure they are safe for every member of your family. Want a product that you don't see? We take custom orders. Blessingway Services offer an alternative to a baby shower and shower the mother instead. Invite those closest to you, to pamper and shower you in love, encouragement and meaningful gifts for you. Henna and belly casting can help with this. 

Lastly, here at Heart to Earth everything is done with a giant heart, and lots of love, just like the the process of growing your family.