Local Love: Show me a Sign

An integral part of owning a local, small business is having a strong community around you who are also striving to create their very own dream life. 'Local Love' is my way of highlighting businesses in our community and surrounding areas that deserve all the love they can get. These will range from small business owning moms (and grandma's too), health care professionals you need to know more about, and other businesses carrying products for growing families, like your's!

   This week we are giving lots of love to Biata Shadgett, an animal advocating wife and mom of one very loved little two year old. She is also the #momboss behind 'Show me a Sign' where she creates the most amazing, sometimes quirky, hand-lettered signs. Not only does she always have a huge selection of inspirational, nostalgic and overall beautiful signs on hand at all times. She also fills custom orders, so you can get exactly what you need! Whether your home need's a little inspiration, or a little sass, Biata is your #momboss. Your nursery will not be complete without a reminder of how loved your little one is, or a reminder for you to slow down and enjoy your little one as they are. Keep an eye out for classes, sometimes she will let you in on the hand lettering secrets and assist you in creating your own masterpiece.

   As if that wasn't enough, Biata is also a distributor for Young Living Oils and co-owner of 'Be You' with her mom, Chantelle. If you have any questions about oils, their properties or how to use them in your day to day life, she has all the answers for you. If you have a specific concern, she will create a roller-bottle for you with a blend of custom oils so you don't need to buy all of the bottles yourself. She also holds monthly (and I have heard, soon to be weekly!) DIY classes where you leave with a vast knowledge of oil safety, uses and a roller bottle blended by you. Psst... we may just be collaborating in the next couple of weeks to bring you a DUO class. Meaning I will teach you how to create a holistic, handcrafted wellness product such as a balm, salve, syrup or soak and Biata will teach help you to create a complimenting oil blend roller bottle. But you didn't hear that from me...

   Now that you know all about Biata and her bada$$ businesses, send some love her way. Follow her on her socials (Facebook, Insta and Etsy) by clicking the photo's above. Maybe next time we chat you will have a new item for that nursery or family room or it will be over some bubbling elderberry syrup at our next DIY night?